The paraphernalia of Halloween

Celebrating Halloween on the 31st of October? It’s a excuse to dress-up as a ghoul or monster or what ever you like! Another opportunity to go shopping for a mirthless myriad of scary, creepy, souless trinkets and accessories.There appears to be mannequins, blow-up dolls, candles, spider-webbing, homewares and party parapernalia  for that touch of The Munsters family . Make-up and hair accessories to evoke the stylings of Morticia and Gomez Addams and their spawn. Halloween is a day when neighbours and their mini-me  knock on your door to give you a choice of ‘trick or treat’. A time for parents to think about stranger-danger and also guilt-free, allergen-free treats to subdue the’hood.  Its a time when you may wish to turn the front of your home into a haunted castle or abandoned crypt.

Boo yourself. 🙂



Of Light Filtered through a Third Eye


Life and photography … both capture moments of beauty, despair, truth and fantasy. Via life and art, I see the world with clarity, differently and anew. I am made aware of the impacts of light and time. I guess my photos show you a glimpse of me.  (I’m a woman who has never really taken photos before…I’ve always encouraged or stood aside to let others do it)

…I imagine this photography thing has all the hallmarks of a beginning love-affair Or a descent into voyeurism. Or me paying service as witness/director for those who, like me, yearn for insight alongside a positive, value-added engagement with our world.   🙂