DSC_6732Kathryn Yuen is an Australian-born Chinese writer and actor.

She writes across many genres and for laughs, drama, and serious concerns. Poetry,  fiction, and writing for performance are her favourite genres.

She discovered  her voice and her audience initially through an accidental comedic foray at The Comedy store stage. Since then she has written and occasionally directed for theatre and screen. She has also performed spoken word at poetry and storytelling events.

Her first attempt ever at an open  community audition for an ABC/NBC/ Matchbox sitcom did not see her thrown out 🙂 After two competitive call-backs, she was cast as one of the leads (Mrs Chan)  in Maximum Choppage. Thus began her cross-over into acting. 🙂

The six-episodes of season 1 were aired in 2015. The show was also invited to the  Best of Film and TV festival in Paris.  In  2016, the acting ensemble were nominated for an Actors’ Equity Best Comedy ensemble award. TV critic Melinda Houston writing for syndicated national news print/media nominated Kathryn for a newcomer Logie, saying ‘She’s magnificent!’.


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